Sunday, September 17, 2017


Sometimes I imagine these worn teeth, 
 chattering high up in the jungle vines
where you sought shelter, where down
below a saber tooth tiger paces.
When you turn your head just right
the moonlight reveals the panic
in your eyes. You don't even know
if you will survive tomorrow.

How could you know that with
the first wooden club you used to
open nuts and shells by the sea shore,
you had discovered the principle 
of applied force, that would allow
you to do anything, even vanquish 
your mortal enemies, like the tiger
that waits below?

How could you know the principle
of applied force would lead to tensioned 
bows, spears, axes and knives, gunpowder,
cannons, atomic bombs, travel to the moon 
that mysteriously waxes and wanes and
illuminates your nights?

How could you know the principle 
of applied force would let you dominate,
propagate in large numbers, scatter across
Earth and plunder her? Did you think
that of all the wildlife around you, 
you would be the anointed one?

How could you know that one day
I would be seated here, holding you
in my hands, blessed with thought,
intuition and emotion, trying to figure
just how it was that we got here? 

Sunday, August 13, 2017


        Everyone possesses a finer self and a less-than-finer self. The eternal struggle is which is allowed to, or made to, triumph over the other.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017


     I’m finding it odd that the title of this story is the same as the title of the first story in my short story book (though in that case it was science fiction).
     Charlie Bierman and I became acquainted in the early days when we both worked for General Dynamics on the design and development of the Atlas ICBM propulsion system. Eventually our careers took separate directions, so over the years we seldom crossed paths. We retired to private life at approximately the same time.
     Among other things I wanted to do was to design and build fine furniture. I decided to join the San Diego Fine Woodworkers Association and attended one of their monthly meetings. Lo and behold, there was Charlie, presiding at a table laden with hand crafted toys. Charlie described the Association’s toy program in which members make toys which are then distributed to under -privileged kids around San Diego County, including children at Camp Pendleton whose parents were in the Far East on active duty. 
     Toy making! What could be better? I decided then and there that I would join the effort, figuring that furniture making would leave lots of scrap lumber that could be put to good use.
Toy making became Charlie’s whole life. He met with toy making colleagues weekly in an El Cajon shop where he and his friends designed and crafted an assortment of toys, all of which were distributed by the Association. On occasion they came up with a design where their spouses could add touches such a painted decorations and sewed object like blankets for cribs. Charlie told me once that over the years, more than ten thousand toys had been distributed,
     Charlie carried his talents further, teaching toymaking to students at Palomar College, and participating in President Carter’s Habitats for Humanity” The construction program was geared to construct a home in a single day to help people in poorer regions.
      I met Helen, Charlie's charming wife, when I delivered toys to his home. More often than not, she would  be seated at a table, reading, a few feet away from where Charlie was working in the garage/workshop.
     As the years progressed, work never stopped, though it existed, perhaps at a more relaxed pace. In my case serious illness stopped it altogether, but it was great therapy during recovery. I grew too old to drive and relied on Charlie to come to my home to pick up toys. Still later, when Charlie stopped driving, good friend Eric Robinson provided transportation to pick up added toys from my home workshop. Those occasions were always a great time for reminiscences, recalling our rocket days, and chatting about current issues, like comparing our remarkable pacemakers.
     One day recently, I called Charlie’s number, as I had another batch of toys ready for pickup. Charlie wasn’t there but a message said that he would call back. Later in the day Eric e-mailed me that Charlie had suffered a fatal fall the previous evening. Charlie was ninety-four.
     After some moments of reflection and sadness, all I could say to my good friend, wherever he is, was “Good Bye, Charlie.” 

Sunday, August 6, 2017


The word is that in line with his battles  with the press, Donald Trump will have his own news broadcasts. Maybe Steve Miller will head it.
It brings to mind sometime in the past , when Adolph Hitler put Joseph Goebbels in business on a similar mission.

Sunday, July 23, 2017


To Senators:
Dianne Feinstein
Kamala Harris
Bernie Sanders
Elizabeth Warren

Dear Senators:

Whatever happened to Advise and Consent, a time-honored role of the United States Senate, if not a mandate, to rein in untoward use of executive power by an unpredictable President?

It is clear that President Trump’s frequent issuance of executive orders reflects an inner desire to perform like a dictator, for whom he has expressed admiration and support. It should not be left to some obscure Attorney General in Hawaii or Washington State to examine and determine the constitutionality of a Decree at some indefinite time in the future, perhaps after considerable damage has been done,

Rather, upon the issuance of an executive order, the Senate should immediately tell the President whether or not this is a good idea. Failing this, you leave the country to be run by Rasputin-like Steve Bannon, who has the president’s ear and has stated that his goal is to deprogram the administration. You can hear  the Grover Norquist crowd  cheering in the background..


Edward Hujsak

Wednesday, July 12, 2017


Donald Trump, introduced, to religion by two Corinthians, who had nothing else to do at the time, is now holding prayer meetings with evangelicals in the oval office, with  the laying on of hands for good measure.What may be more encouraging and exciting, we may all eventually be saved by executive order!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017


A great day for cable news.
A shooting event at a baseball field in Washington provides non-stop, repetitive fodder, exhaustive coverage for at least two days.
Meantime, it is fortunate that nothing else worth noting  is taking place on Planet Earth.